£138.65 64GB Transcend 2.5" SATA Solid State Disk

Due to its smaller size (fit the standard dimensions of 2.5-inch IDE Hard Disk Drives), huge 64 GB capacity, high speed, and low power consumption, the Transcend TS64GSSD25-M Solid State Disk is the perfect replacement storage device for PCs, Laptops, gaming systems, and handheld devices!

The Transcend TS64GSSD25-M features non-volatile flash memory for outstanding data retention and no moving parts which makes it silent and shock resistant! It features built-in ECC (Error Correction Code), supports up to PIO Mode 4 and Ultra DMA Mode 4, and low power consumption!

This drive comes with 2 year warranty, a read speed of 26MBps and a write speed of 14MBps.

BUy it from Offtek for only £138.65 delivered.