£217.32 Arianet Pentium Gamer Supreme - Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, HD3650 graphics

AriaNet's Gamer Supreme system brings dual core processing with a dedicated ATi HD 3650 Direct X 10 video card at our lowest price point yet.

Constructed in a stylish chassis this base unit combines a genuine Intel Pentium Dual Core with 2GB DDR2 memory and a dedicated gaming video card

The CPU is an Intel Dual Core Pentium E2180 running at 2.0GHz, backed by 2GB worth of memory, a 320GB hard disk drive and onboard HD sound, all housed in a Xen Midi Tower chassis with a 520w PSU. As a note of interest, the Arianet uses an Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 R2.0 motherboard.

Note that the computer does not come with any software, keyboard, mouse, monitor or speakers. Buy it for only £217.32 at Aria.