£50 Philips VOIP3212 VOIP And Skype Compatible Digital Cordless Telephone Twin Pack

With VOIP 321 you can make free Skype calls as well as normal landline calls. You can make and take calls on both networks from one single handset, and you can see who is on-line without going to the PC, just by looking at the display.

The Philips VoIP cordless handset offers the same ease-of-use and freedom as any regular cordless phone. You're free to leave your computer and roam around your home while you phone because it works independently of your PC. And with a cordless range of 300m and up to 12 hours of talk time, you'll stay in touch no matter how far your conversation goes!

The Philips VoIP dual phone enables you to make or take regular landline calls and free Skype internet calls from the same cordless handset. That means you can replace your traditional handset with a single Philips VoIP phone for all your Skype and regular calls. Simply switch between regular and internet calling at the push of a button any time you like.

Buy it quick from Amazon for only £50 including delivery.