Microsoft Slashes Zune Prices Ahead Of Christmas Season

With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, Microsoft seems all set to boost the sales of Zune, the company’s iPod competitor, by slashing its prices.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced price cuts on its flash-based Zune players and dropped down cost of its 4GB Zune model from USD 129 to USD 99, 8GB Zune from USD 149 to USD 139, and 16GB model from USD 199 to USD 179.

Moreover, the company also sells a 120GB and an 80GB model of Zune players, for USD 249 and USD 229 respectively.

These notable price-cuts on 8GB and 16GB models of Zune would help Microsoft to take on Apple’s 8GB and 16GB versions of iPod Nano that sell for USD 149 and USD 199 respectively.

When asked about whether these price-cuts were motivated by Apple’s iPod Nano, marketing director for Zune, Adam Cohn asserted that the price drops “take into consideration what the realities of the market are” and it will “ensure hopefully we have a good holiday season”.

In addition, the software giant has also initiated a TV ad campaign designed to lure people to download the Zune software, even if they don’t have Zune players yet.

The low priced Zune models are already available in US, and new pricing will take effect in Canada on Friday.

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