UK Comes Ahead Of US, Europe In Digital TV Uptake Survey

The Ofcom report released today shows that nearly nine out of every ten UK households have access to digital TV, far ahead of the 11 other nations in the survey and a 9 percent gain in 12 months.

In 2007, the average UK household watched slightly more than one full day (25 hours) worth of telly every week, on par with other countries in the survey.

The report also shows that three out of every ten UK TV viewers own a digital video recorder which allows programmes to be recorded and viewed at a later stage. The uptake should worry advertisers as DVRs allow viewers to bypass ads altogether and the fact that revenue from pay TV services have risen to £71 billion while at the same time, revenues generated by the advertising industry have fell to £81 billion, could add even more to their woes.

Furthermore, 700,000 households have already adopted high definition, more than France, Germany and Italy put together.

Intriguingly, less than 40 percent of TV viewers in UK were fussy about the content on television than viewers elsewhere. Only Japanese viewers - the country of Goldorak, Hello Kitty and Godzilla - cared even less about what's on telly.

The publication, Ofcom's third International Communications Market Report, comes four year before UK's Analog TV broadcasting is completely switched off.

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