UK Internet Users Spend Nearly Two Hours Per Day Online

A report amongst 12 industrialised nations and carried out by Ofcom shows that UK internet users spend the most time online at nearly 14 hours per week - that's nearly two hours per day.

This is nearly double the amount of time internet users spent back in 2004 but still way behind the American who spend a whopping 913 minutes - that's slightly more than 15 hours per week.

Cheaper broadband - which is now available in 60 percent of UK households - is one of the reasons why UK internet users fare better than the many of the countries in the report.

The publication also showed that 50 percent of the UK population use social networking websites, mostly for uploading photos of their most recent antics.

And UK has the cheapest bundle of services in Europe at just under £1400 per annum - that includes a landline, the cost of four mobile phone contracts, basic pay TV and broadband thanks mainly to the healthy amount of competition in the country.

UK advertisers also allocate a greater proportion of their budget to the internet than any other nation in the survey, nearly one in every five pounds of their budgets

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