Apple Pushes iPhone 2.2 Firmware Out Of The Door

Apple has updated its iPhone Firmware yet again and version 2.2, which weighs in at 246MB and is essentially the equivalent of Microsoft service pack, brings in a slew of improvements and enhancements, notably for Google Maps.

Top of the iPhone software update is a raft of enhancements to Google Maps and Street View which includes public transit and walking directions and allow user to download podcasts over the air.

There are also a number of email bugs that have been ironed out and Safari browser now brings the URL and the search bar on the same line (although that might increase phishing occurrences as most of the URL will not be visible).

Another bugbear that has been resolved is the ability to turn off auto-correction in Keyboard settings.

There's still no copy and paste in this version and although this upgrade also boosts your 3G modem firmware, the iPhone Dev team, the entity behind the iPhone Jailbreaking patch, have urged Jailbreakers to hold on upgrading their iPhone 3G to version 2.2 as it removes the unlock.

There are also many reports that this newest firmware update might be causing issues for some users with many complaining of blurry pictures, non working sound and auto brightness features.

The Firmware is valid only for the iPhone and iPhone 3G and not for the iPod Touch.

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