Release 6.3.1 Update - 21st November 2008

Over the coming months we will implement our roadmap of changes and improvements to the site (roadmap to be published soon).

Most importantly, we’ve also implemented a Feedback button where you can feedback your thoughts and advice on what we can improve.

Here’s what you’ll see in the latest release:

(1) Fresher Design

The site now has a fresher look, which we hope you will like. The Navigation has now been simplified to help you find information faster and more easily, than ever before.

(2) Faster site

The site is much faster now thanks to some nifty code cleaning and better overall architecture; as well with the latest version of Python.

The site is currently running slower than it should due to some unexpected traffic peaks and tweaks that are currently being applied to

(3) Related content tabs

You will be able to browse related articles in a matter of seconds.

(4) Improved search

Our search has been massively improved to assist you and provide you with the necessary tools to delve deeper into our content. It is now quicker, more integrated and substantially better.

(5) Tag Cloud

We have introduced a Tag clouds to help you identify keywords pertaining to content on the page and give you the opportunity to access to our material even faster.

(6) Newsletter Subscription / RSS Subscriptions

It’s now easier to sign up to our newsletter and RSS subscriptions.

(7) Feedback

We've added a feedback tab to the side of the website which will give you the chance to voice your opinion about the site. We are really keen to get your feedback. After all, this is YOUR website and your feedback is critical for the development of

(8) Hot Topics

As the name implies, this new section

will help you identify current burning issues which, in an instant aim to give you a complete lowdown on what’s happening!

(9) Author info

We've introduced a new Author information footer, so that you know more about who is writing the article.

(10) Social Bookmarking

You've asked for it. We've added social bookmarking buttons to help you spread the word about our content. Look out for more useful tools and buttons.

We will be bringing in more quality content, tools and features to make, your favourite UK technology website, but not without your help. So here's what you can do:

(a) Test our site and report any bug that you may find through the ubiquitous feedback button on the left hand side.

(b) Suggest any new features or content that you think might be useful.

(c) Spread the word around about and become an evangelist. You could even become one of our content partners and write for us.

(d) Links to us if you have a blog and don't hesitate to Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Delicous or Reddit us.

Please feel free to add me (@digitalandy) or this site (@itproportal) to your twitter account and communicate with us directly through twitter. Or contact us directly here

Thanks for visiting

Andy Evans, Managing Director