Microsoft Set To Release IE8 In Q1 2009

Microsoft indicated that it will be issuing the ‘release candidate’ of its Internet Explorer 8 in the first quarter of next year, with full fledged launch of the new browser is there on the cards in first half of 2009.

Squashing the hopes of web developers’ community, which was anticipating the launch of new browser by the end of this year, Dean Hachamovitch, general manager for IE8, said in a blog post, “We will release one more public update of IE8 in the first quarter of 2009, and then follow that up with the final release”.

Earlier in March, the software giant first demonstrated the new IE8 browser at the vendor’s Mix conference, which was immediately followed by the first beta of the browser.

As of now, developers are testing the second public beta version of the product released back in August this year.

Justifying the reason for delay of the launch, Microsoft said that it is giving beta testers ample time to test the beta version of the browser, and incorporate their feedback with the product.

The new browser will be equipped with several advanced security features, such as enhanced filters that will protect users from malicious phishing and cross website scripting attacks, and enable users to decide whether to save the browsing history or not, the company added.

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