Mozilla Set To Rake in $84 million In Revenues In 2008; Non Profit Status Under Scrutiny

Mozilla Foundation’s Mitchell Baker has released the organization’s revenue results for the year 2007 that showed 12 percent rise in revenues over 2006, with the organization along with its subsidiaries totalling USD 75million as revenues.

The expenses for the organization have also soared by 68 percent to USD 33million, and its total assets rose to USD 99million in 2007, from USD 74million in 2006.

Mozilla’s lucrative deal with the search engine giant Google, which has been recently extended up to 2011, forms the bulk of its revenues, while its other sources of revenues include, affiliate programs, refurbished Mozilla store, and interest from investments.

Mozilla is a non-profit organization, set up with the objective of encouraging the progression in standards-based open web, and its open source Firefox web browser is the prime application of the organization that offers an effective alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Owing to the nature of Mozilla’s agreement with Google, the non-profit status of the organization is currently being scrutinised by the US national tax agency Internal Revenue Service.

Commenting on the link between inquiry regarding its tax exemption and Google’s deal, the financial report says, “While the Foundation did not automatically qualify as a public charity with public support at 33 per cent of total support, it believes that it qualifies as a public charity under the facts and circumstances test with public support over 10 per cent”.

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