Demand for RIM Blackberry Storm "Outstripping" Supply?

It's finally out, RIM's touchscreen smartphone that's hailed as the closest thing to Apple's iconic iPhone has been launched and already there are reports that queues are being formed outside Verizon Wireless offices in the US.

Although the Storm's launch is not expected to be as impressive as Apple's iPhone, it is still expected to sell very well and consolidate RIM's position as one of the best alternative to the iPhone.

RIMM's shares have slightly rose during the past 24 hours but are still down by more than 68 percent over the last 90 days; that's compares to 53 percent for Apple and 51 percent for Nokia.

Boygeniusreport blog reports that Verizon will not have enough Storm to cover demand; the network operator will cost potential customers $199 on a two year contract.

Meanwhile, a Myspace for Blackberry application has been downloaded more than 400,000 over 8 days and users have been sendng and receiving more than 15 million messages and changing their moods/status more than two million times since the app was launched on the 13th of November.

The announcement is the latest clear signal that RIM has decided to market itself to a more "consumer" base, which also means that RIM and its partners will promote the Storm heavily in the next few weeks.

The Wall Street Journal says that Verizon will spend $100 million on advertising and marketing budget to push Blackberry Storm.

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