Samsung Shipping 256GB Solid State Drives, 1TB coming next year

Samsung Electronics on Thursday announced that it has kicked off massive production of its 256GB solid-state drives, or simply SSDs, which could be pushed into notebooks within a few months.

The new 256GB SSD will be the highest capacity drives so far designed for the consumer electronics segment, and will deliver double the performance rates of its erstwhile 64GB and 128GB SSD modules.

Touted as the fastest till date, the new SSD from Samsung boasts of read time of 220Mbps, write time of 200Mbps, and an erase time of 100GB per minute, which implies that the disc can be cleaned completely in less than three minutes.

Highlighting the performance of the new drives, Samsung’s VP for memory marketing, Jim Elliot said, “While SSD’s have always been touted for their performance, Samsung is turning the storage industry upside down now with an SSD that delivers truly disruptive performance”.

The company further said that the drives deliver performance three times faster than 7,200 rpm platter disc drives, and are ten times more resourceful than the similar notebook drives.

The faster speed of the drive is achieved due to multichannel interleaving, revamped NAND flash, enhanced firmware, and better chip controller, the company said.

With better power efficiency than traditional mechanical drives, the 256GB drives from Samsung will also be available with optional proprietary encryption.

Details on pricing and availability aren’t available yet.

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