UK Data Centres To Go Green After EU Adopts New Measures

UK government has recommended IT professionals to embrace a new set of code of conduct for running energy efficient data centres, which has been recently released by the European Commission that require its members to procure greener products, incorporate energy efficiency measures, and prepare annual report of their energy consumption.

Upholding the significance of businesses in adopting greener technologies, Lord Hunt, minister for sustainable development, has urged IT professionals to voluntarily conform to the new rules set up by EU.

Citing the relevance of the new code in raising UK’s green credentials, Hunt said in a statement, “By signing up to this new code of conduct companies can save energy and save money, too, which goes to show that what's good for the environment is good for business”.

He further asserted that these data centres account for three percent of total electricity consumption of the country, and hence could play a vital role in tackling the gruesome challenge of climate change.

Quoting the crucial figures, Hunt stated that the new code would help UK to save almost GBP 700million in electricity costs during the next six years, which could in turn help UK in achieving its target of 80 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

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