Video: Google Embraces User Generated Search With SearchWiki Functionality

Search Engine giant Google has released a new feature that enables its users to customise their own search results, a fundamental paradigm shift in the level of control that the search giant has on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), which are vital to Google revenues.

Piggybacking on other user generated websites, notably, SearchWiki will allow users who are logged into their accounts to change the position of sites in Search Engine Result Pages, deleting, adding new sites and commenting on search results (ed: Digging up or down search results)

Although Google is quick to stress that this won't affect the way results on other Googlers' Search Engine Results Pages, it may complement Google's own search engine algorithm, Pagerank, to make it more accurate and intrinsically more up-to-date.

In addition, you will be able to see what others (Google uses the term "Community") have written on similar search results; the search results will be saved in the user's Google account and can be changed at will, provided you are logged in.

As for most new features, Google is slowly introducing this game-changing feature across search results worldwide. As at 1030, it had yet to appear on this side of the Atlantic.

User generated Search can be seen in action over at Jimmy Wales' Wikia Search. Microsoft is also experimenting with a new feature called u-rank (which we expect to go live anytime soon now), which, like Search Wiki, will allow users to "organise, edit and annotate search results."

Ultimately, Google's SearchWiki will be useful if you search for the same term several times and could help users weed out genuine "unwanted" sites altogether (e.g. Price comparison or Auction websites), but has Google opened a Pandora, Spam-ladden, Box?

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