Yahoo Makes Mashup Mainstream With Glue Search Functionality

Yahoo Inc. has released the US beta version of its much touted Glue Search, which offers comprehensive search results to users, by integrating texts, images, and videos on a single results web page.

The internet company confirmed the release of public beta for US of its Glue Search through a blog posting on Wednesday.

Back in May, Yahoo Inc. first tested the beta of its Glue Search in India, wherein the Glue page results displayed alongside the conventional search results by Yahoo India Search.

With this new offering, Yahoo is all set to position itself as a strong competitor against the search engine behemoth Google, which currently offers text links, with links to required videos, images, blogs, books, etc.

The move would surely help Yahoo to attain a considerable share in US search engine market, which is currently being dominated by Google.

The US beta version of Glue would be a bit different from that of India, as Yahoo is launching its Glue beta as a stand-alone service in US, which can’t be accessed via Yahoo Search, the company stated.

Yahoo Glue team’s Julie Demsey said that the company is kicking off its US Glue beta with a limited set of topics, sticking together a range of content from most relevant web pages on a single Yahoo Glue search result page.

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