Nokia Plans Hollywood Takeover With Research Lab

The world's biggest phone maker, Nokia, has announced plans that it will open a research laboratory in Hollywood in a bid to strengthen its focus on entertainment.

The research lab will join the likes of Palo Alto and Cambridge in the US as the mobile giant aligns itself on Google with the two other key areas of research being traffic (think SatNav) and personal health (think GP in your pocket).

"Opening our latest laboratory in Hollywood is a key milestone for Nokia. Engaging more actively with the entertainment and media community and establishing a research force there is a significant step for Nokia as we continue to build our position as a leader in the converging worlds of Internet and mobility," claimed project leader Henry Tirri.

Whether Nokia's users are not engaging with its products because of a lack of great content or because the user interface of its smartphones is not up to scratch - compared so say - the phone from a US-company based in Cupertino, is something that can be debated.

However, Nokia announced earlier this month that up to 130 research posts might be scrapped as it "sharpens" its focus as clearly, the $8 billion it spends annually on R&D demands some ROI.

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