AMD Overclocks Phenom II Processor To 6.3GHz

The Gigahertz race is in full motion again, between Intel and AMD, as the latter appears to have overclocked its 45-nm "Deneb" desktop CPU to speeds above 6GHz.

It all happened at an event held by AMD in Austin at its Texas headquarters to review its forthcoming Phenom II processors. CRN reported that AMD's processor an at 6.3GHz using Liquid Nitrogen that cools the system to minus 190C.

The upcoming CPU is still two months away from its offficial launch at the Consumer Electronic Show next year which means that there is still some room for improvement and it now looks almost certain that AMD Phenom II processors will comfortably reach 4GHz or more using standard air-cooling solutions.

AMD has reworked the Phenom II processor adding architectural improvements like a larger cache, high speed path optimisations and better memory pre-fetch; these should yield the same sort of performance advantage the server version of the chip, Shanghai, had over its predecessor, Barcelona.

Although Phenom II processors are expected to be less powerful than Intel's latest Nehalem-based i7 Processors, AMD is betting on a complete platform aimed primarily at gamers to win marketshare. Dragon, as it is known, will combine AMD's CPU and Chipset with ATI's graphic firepower and will cost substantially less than Intel's equivalent platform.

Expect the processor to be available at speeds near to or above 3GHz at launch.

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