Is the BlackBerry Bold an iPhone Killer?

I was lucky enough to have a play with the new BlackBerry Bold for a couple of days (stock has been in constraint but we’ve ensured that we’ve got plenty available).

The BlackBerry Bold has been pitched as an iPhone Killer and I wanted to see if it was all hype or whether there was any substance to this claim.

On first impressions the BlackBerry Bold is just as stylish as the iPhone with a very clean black finish, chrome adds to the luxurious look and feel. None of the plastic that has cheapened some of the previous BlackBerrys is on show and the back has a classic black leather look.

When you dig a little deeper under the skin of the Bold there is a lot of substance to back up the claim. Loading music for instance is really simple, it’s compatible with iTunes and surfing the web is fast because the Bold uses the 3G and Wi-Fi to get online.

So does the BlackBerry Bold pack a heavier punch than the iPhone 3G? You need to ask yourself what you want from the device. The BlackBold is at heart a business device, the QWERTY keyboard makes it simple to email and its classic good looks make it the perfect business companion.

The iPhone is more of a consumer device, suited to those that want to listen to the latest music and show off their photos from the weekend.