Celio RedFly C7 and C8N Announced For Pre-Order

The Celio Redfly line of products is quickly growing up, and the new C7 and C8N Smartphone Terminals prove that point.

First the Celio Redfly C7 version drops the screen dimensions down to 7 inches for more portability, and while the battery life drops from 8 hours to 5 hours it still offers more battery life than most Netbooks and is easily chargeable using the devices wall charger or the newly released Celio RedFly Car Charger. Those changes in turn allow the device to drop its 2 pound weight by 8 ounces, making the C7 much easier to haul around for business people in the field.

You say you still want endurance, not a problem the Celio Redfly C8N offers the original 8.3" display while added new media capabilities via the Redfly Media Port. Using the Media Port users can easily connect their iPod, iPhone, Cameras, Zune Player and almost any other device that uses a composite TV-out port, all the while viewing those devices on the C8N's 800 x 480 screen.

The Media Cable runs at a reasonable $19.99 which is a steal given the new found capabilities Redfly users will find when using the cable paired with their favorite media offerings (Why wouldn't you want 8 hours of video playback while on a long plane trip or getaway!).

The Celio Redfly C7 is selling at a very manageable $229, while the Celio Redfly C8N comes in at $299 plus the cost of the media cable if you so choose to take full advantage of the devices offerings.