Internet And Social Networking Good For Kids Says Research

Offering a bit of relief to parents who are worried about their kids wasting considerable amount of time on the internet, a study from McArthur Foundation revealed that spending time on the internet can actually help kids developing social skills needed for later stages of life.

The sources of this USD 3.3million study included reading blogs and online diaries, interviewing participants, and amassing profiles of around 10,500 youths from Facebook and Neopets.

Mizuko Ito, key researcher on the study, dubbed as “Living and Learning With New Media”, notified that there are misconceptions that internet is eating up important time of kids and making them lazy, and said in a statement, “But we found that spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age”.

The report, comprising data collected from 2005 through last summer, discussed about the online activities of kids and its impact on them.

The study further revealed that kids are usually motivated to learn from their peers on the internet, with receiving feedbacks from one another, and they prefer learning from one another over the web.

The study highlighted the impact of modern gadgets and technology, such as social networking platforms, mobile phones, iPods, online gaming, etc, in shaping the personality of modern young people, and constructive role of the internet in interactive learning.

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