Multitouch Enabled On T-Mobile G1 Smartphone as HTC Plans To Sell 1m Androids

If there's one feature that the HTC G1 Android Smartphone desperately missed, that was some kind of multi touch functionality like the Apple iPhone; but it seems that someone finally managed to add rudimentary touchscreen capabilities to Android.

A coder/hacker, Ryan Gardner, has developed a finger painting application, which, although not perfect, serves as a demonstration that it is indeed possible to implement at least two-touch controls on the smartphone.

And the fact that the lack of multi touch is a software based issue rather than a hardware one means that it is only a matter of time before others, in the open source community, follow suit

In related news, HTC has upped its shipping forecasts for 2008 for the G1 smartphone and now hopes to sell one million units by the end of the year. Given the fact that T-Mobile has introduced more affordable price plans, this should make this even easier.

The previous target shipment estimates stood at 600,000 but these figures do not represent the actual number of handsets sold, merely those available for distribution.

The extra 400,000 handsets shipped represent a 66 percent increase, which means that HTC will have to ship around 117,000 devices per week.

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