Samsung Working On Mobile Phone With Folding Screen

Korean Giant Samsung has demonstrated a flexible OLED (organic LED) mobile phone at the FPD International 2008 in Japan which is the global event for firms active in the field of Flat Panel Displays.

A video posted on Youtube shows a mobile phone that can fold itself in half to show an external colour OLED screen while unfolding it will display a large, around 130mm OLED panel.

Interestingly, Samsung could come up with a phone similar to the Nokia 9300 communicator but dump the keyboard and have a full touchscreen instead which could double as a full size screen when needed.

The obvious advantage of having such a screen is that you can use it as an internet enabled device, especially as the phone seems to have touchscreen capabilities although, it is highly likely that it is merely a concept phone.

Although the video is quite grainy, the screen looks quite bright and sharp enough, a feat given the fact that the video was recorded in a low light environment and at an angle.

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