SAP's global centralized testing management system runs on 'empty client' architecture

SAP, one of the world's largest independent software providers is a global company developing its solutions in multiple locations worldwide. Local hubs run their own tests on a system based on Mercury test automation platforms.

Each hub used a local system which presented sharing limitations that affected the ability to efficiently manage and plan global testing resources.

The company decided to create a centralized test management system. Since the requirements called for a highly usable web based interface for planning, executing and monitoring tests on a large number of global dispersed test systems and integration with HP Software QuickTest Professional (Mercury) platforms it was decided to develop on .NET platform. SAP started the project with ASP.NET, then tried ASP.NET AJAX and also considered implementing 3rd party components but the complexity and quality were not satisfactory.

Eventually, SAP turned to an 'empty client' platform to meet their needs. 'Empty client' platform allows delivering complex, data intensive, highly interactive ASP.NET AJAX applications with limited time and resources.

These achievements are possible since the architecture enables shifting development focus to a single layer and using intuitive WinForms. In addition, the 'empty client' uses an optimized protocol which makes it a highly responsive platform even for data intensive applications.