T-Mobile Introduces £20 per month G1 Contract Price, adds 8GB SD card

T-Mobile has substantially rejigged its "pay monthly" price plans for the new HTC G1 Android Smartphone which will now be available for as little as £20 per month (+ £100 for the phone) on a 18-month Combi contract.

The phone was originally available only on Flext40 and Combi 35 for £31.50 but the Deutche-Telekom owned company somehow decided to turn the heat on the iPhone (and other competitors) by applying drastic cost-cutting measures.

The mobile phone network operator has introduced a new Flext 30 monthly plan at the cost of £30 that provides you with £140 worth of calls and texts with free Internet, which means that you will pay only £540 for the whole duration of the contract.

The cheapest Combi 15 package provides the user with 100 minutes and 200 texts and the fact that you have to buy the phone bumps the price of the package to £460.

In comparison, the 8GB iPhone 3G is only available for free on £45 tariffs at O2, bringing the total cost of ownership for the duration of the contract at £810. The G1 phone is not available on PAYG for now.

T-Mobile also upped the bundled memory card capacity to 8GB, bringing it on par with the iPhone; white G1 Smartphones are also in stock now.

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