UK Government Loses One PC Per Week

Government has finally admitted its characteristic sluggishness in IT data handling, with reports unveiling that various government departments have lost on an average one PC or laptop every week over the last year.

With 14 computers that went missing over the past one year; the Department of Health is the worst culprit of PC losses, followed by the Department for Children, Schools, and Families, which lost 13, the Department for International Development lost nine, and the Department for Transport that lost five computers.

In addition to these crucial losses of computers, government has lost 36 Blackberrys, 30 mobile handsets, and 4 memory sticks over the past one year, according to the information gathered by Tory MP Grant Shapps.

Shapps has asked the government to disclose what went missing with such critical losses over the last one year, and said in a statement, “With more than one official computer going missing each week, not to mention numerous hard drives and memory sticks, today we are calling on the government to urgently review data security right across Whitehall”.

However, both the Ministry of Defence and Home Office denied responding to the questions raised.

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