Verizon Wireless Fires Employees For Snooping on Obama's Phone

It seems that Verizon Wireless has quietly fired the employees who had allegedly snooped on President-elect Barack Obama’s cellular records.

A spokesperson from the company said in a statement, “This was some employees’ ‘idle curiosity’, and we now consider this matter closed”; however, the company hasn’t notified the number of employees fired under the snooping charges.

Moreover, Verizon had already informed Obama’s transition team, and federal law enforcement agencies about the matter.

Incidentally, the company notified that the breach didn’t involve Obama’s favourite Blackberry handset, but a “simple phone”, and the account had not been working since months.

The company further admitted that the employees accessed the entire records of calling information, including the phone numbers of calls received or made, but the employees couldn’t access what was said on those calls.

Verizon, in its internal notice, said that the company has launched an investigation to find out if any information on call records of its customers has been leaked out.

Earlier, Verizon temporarily suspended its employees who had access to call records, after the breach issue first came into limelight, and promptly issued a statement declaring its promise to customer’s privacy.

The incident further sparked the issue of telecom spying on customer data, and need for proper legislation to put a check over the activity.

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