Nokia Launches The Slide Version Of 6220 Classic, The 6260

Nokia has unveiled a slide version of its 6220 classic smartphone, the 6260, which this time around comes with a larger screen, WiFi connectivity and a few great goodies that make it a "solid and reliable" handset, made for "high speed sharing".

The 6260 comes with HSUPA and HSDPA compatibility, a Flash-enabled 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss equipped camera, integrated Nokia Maps service, Assisted-GPS and an integrated MP3 player; all on the Series 40 platform.

So you will be able to enjoy high speed internet to upload photos- either to Nokia's Share or OVI, download applications and music as well as surf the internet - using dedicated hot keys - at near-wireless broadband speeds (provided you are on the right network).

The 6260 slide will be on sale at the beginning of 2009 for around 299 Euros and should be available for free on contracts. It will however face tough competition from touchscreen enable phones like the T-Mobile G1 Android which should be available on similar-priced contracts.

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