Opera Mini 4.2 Browser Now Compatible With Google Android Platform

Opera has become the first 3rd party browser available for Google's Android platform after more than six months in beta; some users can look forward to 30 percent improvement in speed following the addition of more US servers.

The browser will be available in more than 90 language and will allow users to personalise the look of their Opera Mini browser through some "funky" looking new skins.

A subjective test performed by ZDnet's Matthew Miller seems to confirm that Opera Mini 4.2 on Android is a fast one.

According to Opera's Press release, more than 21 million unique users have downloaded 5 billion pages in October 2008 alone, that's nearly five times the number of pages downloaded in October 2007.

The Java based browser also supports notes synchronisation if you use Opera Desktop Browser and improved real time streaming protocol (RTSP) handoff to allow mobile phones to access video websites like Youtube or Dailymotion more easily.

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