UK Data Centres Running At Near Full Capacity Says HP Research

Majority of data centres in UK are working at almost full capacity, with no further scope of any extra data load on them, a recent research study commissioned by HP revealed.

Coleman-Parkes Research recently conducted the study, dubbed as “Data Centre Transformation Survey”, on behalf of HP, and purported that as many as 82 percent data centres in UK are already working at their full capability.

The survey involved 1,020 chief information officers (CIOs) and business heads in Europe, and highlighted the significance of data centres in modern businesses in Europe, as both business unit heads and CIOs rated the importance of data centres at 8.4, on the scale of 10.

The significance of data centres is further consolidated by the fact that 6 out of 10 companies are pouring substantial investments in them in spite of the frosty economic environments.

As of now, on an average each company in Europe holds 5.7 data centres, which is all set to reach 6.1 by the end of 2011, the survey claims.

Tough economic conditions coupled with green regulations, is posing challenges against CIOs in establishing new data centres, and leaving many CIOs with data centres consolidation as the only viable solution, to meet the current requirements, the survey added.

Commenting on the utility of data centres in contemporary businesses, Reinier van Hoeijen, Director of data centre transformation services at HP, said, “Managed correctly, data centre transformation can reduce costs whilst enabling increased flexibility and efficiency and creating better alignment between technology and the business”.

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