US Internet Search Market Shrinks As Google Posts Impressive Gains

The 2008 US Presidential Election and the current economic news did not prevent the US search market to fall by nearly 2 percent in October 2008 according to research firm, Nielsen Online.

The report shows that around 7.78 billion search requests were performed in the US last month with Google posting an impressive 8.1 percent gain as it shatters the 60 percent barriers and inches dangerously towards two-thirds of the US marketshare.

Yahoo saw a 12 percent contraction while MSN's search share fell by 19 percent. A hypothetical MSN/Yahoo entity would get only 28.3 percent of the market at just under 2.2 billion searches. AOL also posted an unexpected 14.5 percent gain over October last year and is now almost twice the size of fifth place Nielsen Online's figures also show that October 2008 saw a dip in the total number of searches compared to September 2008.

Another report published by Internet research firm Comscore puts Google's share of the US market even higher at 63.1 percent, with a 4.6 percent gain wkth Yahoo at 20.5 percent and Microsoft at 8.5 percent. And unlike Nielsen Online, Comscore reported a 20.1 percent year on year growth to 12.6 billion search queries.

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