Vodafone Struggling To Fulfill RIM Storm Orders Says CEO

It seems that Research in Motion’s new Blackberry Storm is creating waves among the phone fashionistas, as the handset’s carrier, Vodafone, has warned that the company is struggling to meet the demand for the new smartphone.

Vodafone is the exclusive seller of Blackberry Storm, the first ever touchscreen interface smartphone from Blackberry.

As many as, seventy thousand Vodafone customers had placed their orders before the phone hit the market, and with many Vodafone stores running out of stock, the rising demand for the handset seems unlikely to be met.

Those who somehow failed to place their pre-orders for this stylish device and want to grab it this Christmas, are expected to face disappointment due to the ongoing shortage of the device; however, the company is claiming to refill the stocks by the end of this week.

Citing the current demand which is likely to outstrip the supply of the handset, Vodafone’s CEO Vittorio Colao said in a statement, “We might end up having a problem with giving enough Storms to as many customers who want it. It’s going very well, we might be short of them, to be honest.”

The Vodafone officials have informed that most of the Blackberry Storm customers have opted out for 18 months contract in GBP 40 per month, instead of the cheaper 2 Years in GBP 35 per month deal.

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