Juror Dismissed After Polling Facebook Friends

A juror has been removed from a trial after she posted details of a sensitive case on her Facebook profile, seeking her friends’ opinion on making suitable decision on it, The Sun newspaper reported.

It seems that she was not able to decide whether the defendants in a child abduction and molestation case were guilty or not, so decided to take suggestions of members added on her Facebook profile.

Unfortunately, privacy settings on her Facebook account were not active, so anyone could access those sensitive details.

Asking for suggestions on making an apt decision on the case, she wrote, “I don't know which way to go, so I'm holding a poll”.

As per the British constitution and general code of conduct for jury services, jurors are not permitted to discuss the details of any case, even with their closest friends and family members, as it weakens the chances of making a fair decision on it.

The anonymous juror was sacked after an unnamed tip-off to Burnley Crown Court in Lancashire.

Although the trial sustained with other 11 jurors, legal experts stated that the juror could have been charged with contempt of court and the trial could have been abandoned.

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