T-Mobile, 3 Mobile To Allow Mobile Broadband Sharing

T-Mobile UK and 3 Mobile have separately introduced a new broadband sharing dock that allows their mobile broadband user to share their wireless internet access through a local Wi-Fi connection.

T-Mobile and 3 share the same network and have a joint venture called Mobile Broadband Network Limited and it is not surprising that they simultaneously released this sharing device; T-Mobile will allow 3 people to use the same connection at the same time while Three lets 4 users surf online.

The device, which is apparently manufactured by Huawei, is password-protected and users only need to plug is their USB dongle into the wireless router to start using it (ed: wouldn't it be marvellous if they allowed two or more USB dongles to be bonded).

You will be able to buy the router for £70 from 3 Mobile and Pay £15 per month to get 5GB worth of Data transfer plus a free modem. Getting it from T-Mobile will cost you £20 per month with a 3GB fair usage allowance on an 18 month contract.

Users can expect speeds of up to 3.6mbps depending on where you are; also bear in mind that 3 or 4 users using the wireless broadband connection concurrently will not only decrease the overall speed but also (and most importantly) eat up the data allowance quicker.

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