£299 Emachine e510 Dual Core Laptop, 2GB, 160GB HDD

The brand new Acer eMachine E510 is a brilliant offering at a fantastic price and has just landed at Tesco.

It`s the ideal buy for surfing the internet and using simple applications such as word and excel. The massive 160GB hard drive offers loads of space to store your favourite movies and media content, whilst 2GB Ram will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Built in wireless means you can access an increasing number of hotspots and have access to all of the info you need via the internet.

Don't forget that this is a dual core Celeron T1400 laptop with a mobile GL960 chipset (with Intel's X3100 graphics module), Windows Vista Home Premium and a 15.4-inch LCD screen. There's no webcam or card reader or Firewire unfortunately, which is a bit of a shame, although you can purchase those items separately.

Grab it at Tesco for £299 including VAT and delivery.