£299.95 Gateway MX8716b, Dual Core Laptop, 2GB, 17-inch Screen

The MX8716b is where style meets substance and power. With its powerful dual core processor and impressive specification, this is the idedal notebook for those users who are as power hungry as they are image conscious.

The MX8716b comes with a Core Duo T5300 CPU running at 1.73GHz, a 17-inch WXGA TFT pannel, an Intel 945GM chipset, a 120GB hard disk drive, 2GB memory, a DVD writer, a media card reader, a six-cell battery, Windows Vista Home premium and Works 8.5. It weighs only 3.4Kg only.

Techradar says "The Gateway MX8716b (£649 inc. VAT) is a desktop replacement ideal for family use. Despite limited warranty cover and basic 3D performance, day-to-day power and usability are impressive, making a strong laptop for the home office."

Get it from IJT Direct for only £ 299.95 (+ £12.95 delivery) and comes with a full 12 month warranty. Note that this is a refurbished laptop.