Google Chrome Browser Statistics Better Than Reported

Google’s new web browser, Chrome, is steadily becoming more popular as usage of the browser marks significant rise in the month of October.

As many as 3.6 percent of web users used Chrome for browsing the internet, which is up from 1 percent in September, when Chrome was launched.

Internet Explorer, with 40.7 percent users, comes out as the most preferred browser in October, closely followed by Firefox with 37.4 percent, Safari with 18.2 percent, Chrome and Opera, with 3.6 and 1.2 percent users respectively.

The browser has successfully snatched some considerable share, 0.74 percent, in browsing market, by surpassing Netscape, which holds around 0.45 percent share, and has almost reached parallel to Opera that currently holds 0.75 percent share.

In terms of Market share too, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is leading all the way with 71.27 percent followed by Firefox from Mozilla with 19.97 percent, and Safari with 6.57 percent.

Meanwhile, in ExtremeTech’s test for speed and performance that includes - the capability of the browsers in handling Javascript, Flash and coding compatibility - of all the major web browsers, Chrome has emerged as the fastest browser, surpassing Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari, and Opera.

However, all these figures coupled with better performance of the browser, clearly indicates that the Chrome is poised to become default web browser for most of the internet users.

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