Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.1 RC Beta 2 Browser

Mozilla is all set to issue its release candidate for its Firefox 3.1 after the third beta release of the browser in January, as it would give ample time to developers to test its newly added features.

The second beta of the browser is said to be available in December, followed by the third one in early January, according to Mozilla’s website.

In addition to testing the recently added features, like Worker Threads, Speculative Parsing, Private Browsing Mode, and TraceMonkey, the third beta would give enough time to the open source to handle the issue of “blockers”, catalogued bugs that could hold up code that contains them to be “frozen” ahead of the release of the browser.

However, Mozilla’s lead developer Mike Beltzner avowed that the proposed changes could be made without altering the launch schedule; however, the final version of the browser is expected to be available in first quarter of 2009.

Meanwhile, the new browser incorporates several handy features to tender enhanced browsing experience to web users, including the activated TraceMonkey Javascript acceleration engine, which overwhelmingly bolsters the speed of the browser page load performance, and seems to work incredibly in cloud service applications.

The other notable feature of the browser is its ‘private browsing mode’, popularly dubbed as ‘porn mode’, which offer enhancements in privacy, memory management, and tab handling.

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