Pret A Manger Adopts Contactless Payment Across UK

High street sandwich chain Pret A manger will offer contactless payment to its customers across UK following the successful trial in seven Pret A manger across London.

By May 2009, contactless technology will be rolled out in all 178 Pret A Manger in United Kingdom with the help of Barclaycard and Commidea Ltd and the chain joins the 6000 outlets that are already accepting contactless payment nationwide.

Other shops like Coffee Republic, EAT and Yo! Sushi are already part of the scheme which allow customers to buy items worth £10 or less without the need to sign in or enter their PIN in a bid to reduce queuing times (ed : Ironic that it happens during a credit crunch where some banks are actually encouraging people to eat less outside).

Barclaycard head of contactless and card development, Richard Mould, said "It's another step in the journey started with the launch of Barclaycard OnePulse. Pret A Manger is a great merchant that is right smack in the middle of the grab-and-go market, where speed of service is of most importance. There is a customer need here, but it also helps merchants improve the bottom line by shortening queues and work their store assets by increasing sales volumes."

Barclays has also embarked in a number of other projects that will see the deployment of contactless cards across a range of products within Barclays own (like the three-in-one Oyster card Onepulse) to others available to Goldfish and Morgan Stanley card users.

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