RIM To Release Firmware To Solve Blackberry Storm's Bugs

The new Blackberry Storm has managed to lure several gizmo enthusiasts with its stunning looks, but the performance of the device doesn’t seem to be equally good at all.

Users have reported that the new handset is plagued with a buggy operating system, and it’s showing some serious software malfunctioning.

Some of the crucial issues with the handset includes, increase in music volume to the highest levels when a customer receives a call while listening to music with wired headset; the handset resets itself while using multimedia applications, or when left idle; incoming audio may get muted while using voice-activated dialling.

In addition, other issues are - snags while entering special characters through its virtual keyboard, problems with radio, intermittent email connectivity while using CDMA and/or international roaming modes.

However, The Boy Genius Report, a US blog has purported to have got hold of some crucial internal documents from Verizon, the US carrier of Blackberry Storm, which is a sort of troubleshooting guide that could help users in tackling with the issues being observed with the new Storm.

The blog suggested that the defective v4.7.0.65 firmware that is shipped in-built with the device will be replaced in December, and till then users need to follow some guidelines set to be released by Verizon.

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