Asus Plans To Launch £130 2009 Version EEE PC Netbook

Apple-wannabe and Taiwanese electronics giant Asustek said that it will release an updated, 2009 version of its cheap netbook, the original EEE PC, which kick started the netbook revolution back in 2007.

The laptop is expected to cost less than $200 (under £130) and is expected to make its official debut in Q1 2009, possibly at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show.

Potential customers can expect the laptop to come with a 8.9 inch screen (at least), an Intel Atom processor, 512MB memory, a Linux OS, WiFi, USB ports and a 8GB solid state disk.

Asus now has the experience and the capacity to build the updated EEE PC Netbook at prices much lower than back in 2007.

The original EEE PC was supposed to cost around $250 but as demand outstripped supply, its price nearly doubled as more powerful models appeared and 2008 have seen dozens of others emulate Asustek and released many others Netbooks.

Asus has since announced that it will phase out its EEE PCs with 7-inch and 8.9-inch screens. Acer currently has the cheapest Netbook for sale in the UK with its £179 Acer Aspire model and all manufacturers, with the exception of Sony and Panasonic, have either released or announced plans to release Netbooks.

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