£2 PAYG Mobile Broadband & £30 Modems Come To O2

The Mobile Broadband war is heating up between the big mobile phone networks as Christmas nears and O2 is the latest to fire its salvo with a special deal that allows light laptop users to surf the net for as little as £2 per day.

The Telefonica-owned company is also selling a 3G USB mobile broadband for only £30 which should allow O2 customers to surf the net at up to 3.6mbps. The O2 Mobile Broadband Pay as you go tariff comes with a download-as-much-as you can with an allowance of up to 500MB.

Users can also switch to either the £7.5 per week tariff with 1GB allowance or £15 per month with 3GB allowance. They will also benefit from extensive coverage through more than 6,100 Wi-Fi spots thanks to O2's partnership with The Cloud.

O2's marketing director, Peter Rampling, said that O2 Mobile Broadband Pay & Go will appeal to "those customers who want to snack on the Internet without the need to commit to a long term contract" and "younger customers want to live online and can do so with Pay & Go at affordable prices".

The offer, which is backed by a 50-day money back warranty, is available at Carphone Warehouse and direct from O2.

However, we would probably go for O2's mobile and landline broadband offer which costs £20 per month and bags you a free Sony Ericsson T280i mobile phone and a free modem as well (although the contract length is 24 months).

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