20 Features For A Laptop Server (ServerTop or Lapserver)

This week, we will be pondering over five different types of laptops with the view of producing five separate templates that we will be pushing on Asus/Intel's Wepc.com. The five laptop designs are Server Laptop, Gaming laptop, Desktop Replacement Laptops, Netbook and Ultra Mobile Laptops. We'll start today with the Server Laptop.

There are a few reasons why using laptops as stand alone, SME-oriented servers make sense in today's world: improved reliability, power consumption, performance, better pricing and a few other things that we will explore in a later article.

The plan though is to come up with what could be considered to be a "realistic", rather than perfect, laptop that can double as a server. Bearing in mind that, as a server, the device will spend most of its life in one spot and must exhibit a set of features that are not often found on other "normal" laptops.

The server laptop could realistically come with

- Twin Gigabit ports

- Two 8-cell batteries

- Mag-lite capable PSUs with Integrated Surge Protection

- The possibility to connect two power supplies to improve redundancy

- A detachable 15.4-inch TFT screen AND Keyboard to ensure secure access

- RAID-1/5 Hard Disk Drive capabilities by default (Optionally SAS)

- Extensive Hard disk shock detection and hard disk protection

- Using Intel's Robson Technology to boost Hard Disk performance

- Support for Up to 8GB RAM with IBM's Chipkill technology (or something similar)

- Quad and 8-Core Compatibility

- Ability to use **some** desktop components (like the 2.5-inch Velociraptor HDD or Core 2 Duo processors)

- Embedded Security Features (Fingerprinting, Voice, Face recognition, Encryption features)

- Improved Compatibility with Linux

- Dual MIMO connections

- Ultra Thin, Magnesium Chassis to endure any falls

- Ability to Stack them vertically or horizontally (like the Bladecenter E Chassis).

- Mini LCD panel to keep Sysadmin informed about server status.

- An Instant On "Barebone OS" like Asus's Express Gate

- 6x e-SATA and 6x USB 2.0 ports, RS-232 serial port and PCMCIA

- Keyboard should have programmable/dedicated sysadmin button (e.g. reboot, clean up log files, setup mail server, make backups).

Some may say that it is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms but could this be the next big thing?

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