Analysis : Yahoo Shares Slide As Microsoft Search Deal Rumours Evaporate

The Sunday Times's announcement of Microsoft resurgent interest in acquiring Yahoo's search business was understandably met with skepticism leaving some, like popular Tech blogger Michael Arrington from, to say that The Times had been tricked (or to use his word, pwnd).

The main issue with the Sunday Times story is that it was not corroborated by other sources. Instead, Yahoo's focus is currently to look for another CEO right now and as Arrington puts it, nothing else.

And to add insult to injury, both Ross Levinsohn and Jonathan Miller, who were mentioned by the Sunday Times, have publicly refuted - through All Things Digital and Techcrunch - any links that they might have with a new management team.

Microsoft has yet to come forth with an official denial of any further interest and issued a "no comments", while Brad Williams, a Yahoo spokesperson said, "We don't comment on rumors, and all this is a rumor".

And while the integrity of The Times, a 223-year old newspaper, might not be harmed in the long term, it would be interesting to know whether News Corp, the company which owns the Times and potential bidder in Yahoo, could have (loosely) had something to do with it.

Ed : Something is causing Yahoo's shares to spike.. Currently up by 7.17 percent after being down by 6.69 percent.

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