Blackberry Storm OS Update Unofficially Available Online

RIM's Blackberry Storm has had a rather tumultuous start hampered by a series of idiosyncracies and has been backed by some heavy online marketing courtesy of Vodafone.

Fortunately, early customers will be happy to learn that RIM's latest firmware update should solve a few of these annoying issues. The firmware update, known as is currently available for download at, the unofficial fan Blackberry website and can be rolled out by using a PC (no Mac or Linux here).

Crackberry's DonNguyen advised people to back up their data and any 3rd party apps before installing the desktop update. The firmware update should fix problems with the Storm's keyboard, issues associated with volume levels, random reboots and a few more.

The official "over the air" update will occur sometimes in December for Vodafone and Verizon users and should take anywhere between 15 and 90 minutes to install.

Already though, there's a 0.76 version floating online, courtesy of The Boy Genius Report, which should improve battery life by at least 25 percent, faster portrait-to-landscape switching as well as a host of other improvements. But BGR also says that it does bring in a few glitches and issues along the way.

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