Intel Seeks AMD Documents In Antitrust Lawsuit

In its response to allegations from European Commission (EC) over antitrust charges, the chip giant Intel is seeking certain AMD’s documents in order to defend its accusation.

Back in July, EU charged Intel of throwing AMD out of market, by offering high rebates to sellers on its products, who assured not to store products from AMD, and offering huge sum to a manufacturer, for lingering the launch of AMD powered laptops.

Striking back at EU over the antitrust allegations, Intel claimed that the Commission’s decision comprises of several errors of law, and insisted that its timeline for responding to the charges should start only when it receives the required documents from AMD.

Commenting upon the Commission’s decision, Intel said, “The contested decisions are manifestly illegal because they permit the Commission to continue with an investigation which is discriminatory and partial”.

In addition, The Official Journal of The European Union notified that the US-based chip maker seeks EC to compensate for its all court costs including attorney charges.

However, Intel has yet to specify what it is seeking in those documents, and the company claimed that the Hearing Officer at EC “acted improperly”, when he declared that Intel didn’t require those documents for defence.

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