Linux 2.6 Being Ported To Apple iPhone

With news of Linux kernel 2.6 being ported to the Apple iPhone platform doing rounds, analysts are already predicting the possibility of Google’s Android being run on the iPhone.

Though most people were quite satisfied by the Apple iPhone, some were disappointed by the restrictions Apple had placed on developing applications for the platform and to them the news of Linux now running on iPhone comes as a pleasant surprise.

Currently the Linux operating system in controlled via an USB keyboard that is linked to the iPhone multipurpose port and this was made possible by essentially reverse engineering the hardware drivers.

Though the current implementation of Linux on iPhone is just a beginning with lot of work still to be done it, it has none the less thrown open the possibility of the Android being transferred on to the iPhone platform.

This may heat up the competition in the smartphone market as it will allow Google to take the fight right into Apple’s own territory.

What’s more interesting is that Google may not even need to make an effort as any independent developer may quite on his own, transfer the open source Android code base to the iPhone platform.

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