Nintendo Converts DS Console Into Kindle Competitor

The diminutive DS console might well be underpowered compared even to a humble Apple iPhone, but Nintendo seems to have grand plans for the device.

The Japanese Consumer Electronics giant is now pitting the DS as an eBook reader, going head to head with the more expensive and more technologically advanced Sony eBook and Amazon's own Kindle by putting a 100 Classic Book Collection for only £18.

The bundle, which is published in collaboration with HarperCollins, will be displayed on the two 3-inch 256x192 pixels touchscreens and will include classic writings from Sheakspeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte and others, which are no longer covered by Copyright.

Nintendo users - the 100 million or so of them - will be able to download extra content via Nintendo WiFi connection and will can use the stylus to turn the pages. Text can be adjusted and there's a useful bookmark feature and an integrated search engine which allows you to look for a suitable story in seconds.

Unfortunately, there's apparently no news of an annotation feature which would have allowed you to scribble down notes for future reference.

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