Virgin Mobile Introduces "30p Per Day" Mobile Internet

Users of Virgin Mobile will be able to access the internet from their mobile for as little as 30p per day, that's roughly £9 per month, in a bid to drive more customers to their redesigned mobile web portal.

Virgin Mobile claims that you will get unlimited web access although one will only be able to download 25MB of data per day after which you may be charged for any excess download. As for other mobile internet package, you won't be able to use your mobile phone as a modem, make VoIP calls or video calls and P2P is a definite no-go.

Virgin says that its new tariff is up to three times cheaper than offers from competing mobile networks. We are mildly excited by Virgin Mobile's offer. Three Mobile offers a 1GB "unlimited" internet access for its mobile customers for only a fiver per month which makes Virgin's offer look expensive and you can use your mobile as a modem.

But Virgin Mobile has introduced a raft of new mobile phones at a new entry level price - £12 per month - which gives you 150 minutes and 150 texts. And the phones are not half as daft as one might expect. There's even the LG Orsay (KC550) with a 5-megapixel camera in the lot.

So all is not lost for Virgin but those who were expecting Mobile Broadband for 30p for the price will be surely disappointed. And be careful not to exceed the daily fair use policy or you could be charged £2 for every extra MB downloaded.

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