Apple Urges Mac Community To Use Multiple Antivirus Utilities

Apple's platform is viewed as intrinsically more secure than other operating systems but the Cupertino-based company has asked its growing user base to use more than one anti-virus utilities while surfing online.

The growing market share of the Apple Mac platform is prompting cyber criminals to craft targeted attacks aimed at fooling Mac users to download malware.

Apple posted a notice in its support forum saying "Apple encourages the widespread use of multiple antivirus utilities so that virus programmers have more than one application to circumvent, thus making the whole virus writing process more difficult."

The company suggests that users try McAfee VirusScan, Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 11, or Intego VirusBarrier X5, with the last two available on Apple's online store.

Cheekily, Apple also inserted another line, in small characters, saying "Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute Apple’s recommendation or endorsement"

Because Mac OSX is considered more secure than Windows, some of its users might be falsely convinced that their Mac's defence is strong enough to resist any malware attack.

Apple targeted Windows in one of its "I am a Mac, I am a Windows" Viral Marketing campaigns where the company presented itself as a Virus-free computer.

Ironically, it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft might get a Mac Version of its own Morro Antivirus Software.

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