Facebook Opens Up "Connect" To Facilitate Inter-site Data Exchange

Facebook has unleashed the next iteration of its "Facebook Platform", dubbed as “Connect”, which would allow its subscribers to access other websites through the networking platform.

The new service would enable its subscribers to sign in to partner websites with their Facebook account, and it would also provide information about what other members added on a user’s Facebook profile have been doing on those websites.

The move features the notion of “data portability”, which involves portability of several privacy settings from one account to another, thereby minimizing the hassles of repeatedly entering information in order to join different websites.

The move would be kicked-off by including some prominent web platforms in Connect, such as social news website Digg, video website Hulu, and the Discovery Channel website.

This would certainly enhance the appeal of Facebook profile, by expanding its users’ reach to other web-based platforms, using their Facebook credentials, and it would also bolster its image as a credible information sharing platform.

First announced in f8 developer conference in May 2008, Connect is dubbed as Facebook’s attempt to take on rival MySpace’s OpenID feature, which is being backed by Microsoft and Google.

Connect would enable Facebookers to collaborate comprehensively on diverse platforms, for instance, friends can virtually gather through Connect to watch an enticing video on Hulu.

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